Monday, October 08, 2007

Sky Study

Sky Study
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The sky has been glorious this fall -- filled with lofty, billowy mounds of whipped cream clouds and touches of darker blue and gray. This is a study looking over some of the woodlands along the road to my home.

It'll be a busy week for me with a very important "Appreciation Tea' for some of the folks who've donated to the Arboretum. My dd's family is already relaxing and planning a few trips, and we get the grands next weekend.

It's still unseasonably hot -- over 90F ... and little rain. But Joey is home, I have a short work week ....and another paint out next Saturday and time with the grands!


Lorraine said...

Oh your clouds are just perfect!!! And I like the trees too but like you I love watching the clouds and they have been beautiful these (unfortunate) rain-free days.

Teri C said...

Perfect, perfect and perfect!!! Abd beautiful!

Carole said...

Lin, these are super!

Terri said...

Ah yes, life sounds good Lin. Plenty to smile about there. Your sky is wonderful too. :o)

mARTa said...

Beautiful! I'll miss checking in on your blog...back in a month! Ciao cara!