Thursday, October 25, 2007


Marie-Dom ( tagged me the other day; but with my computer dying at work and my one at home also giving me internet trouble, I had to wait a bit to respond.
So many folks are doing wonderful self-portraits in response to this challenge -- well, let's say, I'm still working on my people-drawing skills! LOL So instead, I offer a photo of me, aglow with joy, from a photo two years ago when C and I were in Italy. I offer seven tidbits about myself:

1. The bags under my eyes are deeping in color and depth as I grow older .... I've always had a 'raccoon' look to my eyes ... I just hope to avoid the tail! LOL

2. I've shrunk half an inch ... and so I'm now not much taller than my mom .... aging is the pits! LOL

3. I have the best grandchildren in the world!

4. My sweet husband does the majority of cooking

5. And he grocery shops -- And yes, he's TAKEN! LOL

6. I prefer a quiet home and workplace

7. I listen to 'Books on Tape' in preference to watching TV

I will pass along this 'tag' to anyone reading this blog who'd like to play along ...!


Linda said...

I love the photo with the big happy smile!

And I love books on tape, too -- they, along with spanish lessons "on tape" make my morning and afternoon drives much nicer than they used to be.

Teri C said...

Great smile Lin!!! We do have so much in commone DH does not do most of the cooking. boohoo. I am so jealous.

caseytoussaint said...

How fun to really see you and get to know you better! You have a beautiful smile...

shirley said...

Wonderful to finally really meet you! After almost 2 years on the EDM site, I feel as if I know so much about many people but wouldn't recognize them on the street.

Felicity said...

Great to find out a little more about you Lin and what a super photo! I remember you also saying you like long socks and I was thinking of you this week when I finally had to get mine out again! :)

Africantapestry said...

So nice to see a photo of you Lin!!And you smile radiates from your lovely eyes!