Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Washer of Flowers

Washer of Flowers
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I cannot tell you how often I have passed this antique rusting washer on my way into town as it sits in front of a tiny, triangle-shaped antique barn housed on the corner of an aging gas station. I finally, in the middle of our rain last week, had my camera with me, a break in the rain, and a moment to stop and capture it on film.

While a pretty basic antique washer, I love how they've nicely placed seasonal flowers in the basin ....!


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Lin...... please tell me how you always find time for all your painting? I'm so envious that you produce so much. I know mostly I'm just lazy ... you are a great inspiration. This one brings back thoughts of my grandmothers washer. Great job.

Lorraine said...

Oh I remember these as well and you have captured it so very well -- the lines and shadows are superb. What a nice touch with the greenery.
You amaze me with your ability to create so many different kinds of paintings.

Teri C said...

This is just great Lin!! Isn't it fun to find these kind of subjects-the kind that stop you in your tracks!!

Lindsay said...

This cracks me up! What a symbol for what? Liberated domestication? Beauty in history? Any one of a number of things. Lovely work.

Sherry said...

Oh heavens, looking at that washer reminded me of my mother, doing our laundry down in the farmhouse cellar. She had a long wooden stick she'd use to feed the clothes into the wringer, since the water was too hot. Once I remember her getting her fingers bruised when they were trapped in the wringer. I should never complain about doing laundry, because I have it so much easier than she did.

Robyn said...

Delightful - both in concept and painting. That's how I'd like to remember my washing machine.