Monday, October 22, 2007

Yellow Woodlands

Yellow Woodlands
Originally uploaded by linfrye
This watercolor combines two methods of painting for me -- the paint throwing I did for the birches, and the stippling method (using an oil or bristle brush) suggested by Terry Harrison.

Despite the lack of rain, we have an amazing amount of color and I'm hung up on trying to capture it!


Patti G. said...

Beautiful, just beautiful Lin!!!!!!!!
The recent watercolors are all fantastic! Love them all!

Lorraine said...

Once again I am just bowled over by today's painting. Lin, you have developed such a unique and beautiful style with these, yet you remain so versatile, all marks of a true artist. I feel like I can walk right out onto that path through the woods.
Mucho Mucho Kudos,

caseytoussaint said...

Wow, Lin - look at you go! This painting is so successful - your watercolor skills have taken a quantum leap lately.

Dave said...

Wow! The combination of techniques is so effective; each one makes the other stand out more. And the colours are lovely too.

Teri C said...


Sandy said...

Teri, this is a sterling example of Autumn - Fabulous, I had been thinking of tacking the NE color, and you have shown a fabulous example here - I may try it myself.