Saturday, December 22, 2007

Black Olives

Black Olives
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We've moved holiday preparations up a notch! We entertained grandchildren all day and evening yesterday -- but what a joy to see my mom with her great grands! She hadn't seen them for a year -- and with the swift changes that seem to come with young children, the time together was busy, fun, and well, a tad noisy! LOL Yet each time they called her 'Grand-Nonna" my heart just beat a bit faster with the joy of it!

Olives were done in my sketchbook between having 'tea' with Emily and coloring pages and placing sticker with Nick .....

Today my daughter and granddaughter arrive .....! Can't wait to see them too -- especially since Taylor said "Nonna" for the first time last week ....!!!

Can't you just HEAR all chatter!! LOL


Lorraine said...

Olives delicious enough looking to eat! And amongst your busy busy time. I can just hear all the laughter and tiny voices raised high in excitement!!

Felicity said...

Lovely clean lines and colours Lin! Super sunset too, that wet in wet is so well done!

Teri C said...

Yes lin, I can hear all the chatter and laughter and happiness. It is the same around here. Neat little sketch.

gabi campanario said...

wonderful sketch Lin, reminds me of my dad's olive trees in Spain