Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mom's Crocheted Slippers

Mom's Crocheted Slippers
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The whirlwind is about over. Quiet has decended upon our home, and after this morning, the same calm will fill my son's home as my daughter and granddaughter wend their way back to SC. But the memories, and yes, a bit of the fatigue, will linger, while the recollections of this season will sustain us until we can all manage, once again, to be together.

Christmas Day was filled with two trips to my son's -- an early morning, bring the quiche and sweet rolls to see Santa arrive - a laughter-filled, "Look at this Nonna" time, as toys, clothes and toddlers were strewn from room to room. And a second trip back for a shared dinner with my daughter-in-law's family and more children and food and gifts.

We returned to our now echo-ingly silent house to rest, recuperate, reminesce. And while the calm serenity is welcome, I can't help but miss the blissful noise, at least in small amounts ...!

I don my much beloved, comfy slippers (above) that my mom crochets for me each year. They've come to be a family joke as well as tradition, as I wear these year in, year out, indoors and around the outdoors for their comfort and sentiment.

And for me, today, after such a frenetic and event-filled time, they'll keep me centered a bit more on the holiday, making the memories last a bit longer.


Loretta said...

Merry Christmas! Lovely to read about your day and see your slippers. All best wishes for a coming new year filled with family and art!


Teri C said...

Christmas sounds perfect and full of wonderful memories. Love those slippers!!

Lorraine said...

Love the slippers and how well I remember them! It's good to see them again, like old friends LOL. Nice rendering.
I am keeping up with all your lovely holiday happenings and envisioning all the fun, food, love, warmth and laughter!