Monday, December 17, 2007

Rainy Hay Field

Rainy Hay Field
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To celebrate our morning of rain yesterday, I pieced this image together from my observations of the hay fields in Oxford, NC, storm clouds I saw and photos of additional stormy skies, and a few techniques I've been meaning to try.

I kept the entire piece fuzzy and wet-looking with watercolor alone using more of a wet-in-wet application.

I think I could use more drama in the sky with additional dark clouds but since the clouds and rain we had here these last two days weren't as 'picturesque,' I left this as it is.


Sherry said...

Congratulations on your rain. We were wondering if the south was getting some moisture these days. Looking at this painting makes me homesick for green leaves and grass. The landscape here in s. WIsconsin is all white and gray. We've had more December snow than I remember in ages. I will get out the watercolors today!

Lorraine said...

Lovely -- and isn't the rain a blessing. Never thought I'd like a painting of dark skies but yours is just the right amount of storm clouds and misty look. Our rain has turned to snow and now to very cold and clear. It's about time!!!

Teri C said...

it is beautifully done. I can almost smell the rain.

Tami said...

This almost makes me want to run for cover! I think you did a perfect balance between light and dark clouds; I like the touch of pink in there too. Great job with the rain it's self too!

Plain Jane said...

beautiful job on the sky--very evocative.
I've decided you must be quite sophisticated if persimmon is your favorite fruit!
I did buy some fuji persimmons, 10 for $2 and I've been so busy eating them, I haven't painted the bunch of them yet!