Friday, December 14, 2007

Rebeccas Ornament

Rebeccas Ornament
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Yahoo!! School officially ended yesterday and I am HOME for 2 weeks!!! I'm so excited, I can't sleep! LOL And while there is much to do here with the holidays, guests, visitors, more shopping, and preparations, I won't have to pack my bags for two entire weeks!!! WOWEE!

Our college hosted its annual Christmas luncheon for the entire staff and faculty yesterday. Almost 200 people in one room (not all attended), listened to the chorus sing Christmas carols, enjoyed a terrific meal, recognized service and awards and relished in the end of a long, challenging year. In my office, I exchanged gifts with my beloved staff, coming to tears so many times with their generosity and kindness. I left for home yesterday with a heart filled with thanksgiving for the many gifts we received this year (funds, building, grants, new staff)-- and for me, after six long, laborious, difficult years of struggle toward acquiring the funds and people truly needed to get the work done as expected, ever more thankful to see those needed buildings, plants and most importantly, PEOPLE, finally coming together -- in a most cooperative, enthusiastic way. I left with a lighter heart than I've had (workwise) in many a year. I took some time to thank my VP who has been most responsible for supporting this project and for helping me find the funds so desperately needed to make the Arboretum a reality. And though we've yet a long way to go -- we finally have enough 'on the ground' to begin to see a ray of hope for its actual implementation before my retirement! LOL

So, I "pa rum pa pum pum" my thanks on this, Rebecca's little drum ornament. And like the Little Drummer Boy, sing my praises of thanksgiving ....


Bonny said...

Fulfillmemt in our endeavours has to be the most rewarding feeling we can have. Congratulations on a year of getting things done and pulling your project together. That's awesome!
Now, enjoy your well deserved break and have fun with the Joys of the Season!
Happy Holidays!!

Lorraine said...

Beautifully painted ornament -- love the rich colors and the incredible details!! And I'm so happy you had a day of sharing, celebrating, and laugter (not to mention two of my favorites -- music and good food!). So your hard work, long hours and pounding the pavement are beginning to pay off and I hope they roll right along in the coming years. You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful little drum - and congratulations on your year at the Arboretum. It must be a labor of love! Have a fabulous Christmas!

Teri C said...

I can hear the excitement in your voice about everything. Clap clap for you.

Love the pretty ornament and so timely for this post.

Brenda Y said...

Oh my! I LOVE your little drum -- my all time favorite Christmas song is the Little Drummer Boy, it was my favorite as a young child and still remains so!
Well deserved Congratulations to you on seeing your hard work coming into fruition!! What a sweet, sweet way to end the school year!!!

caseytoussaint said...

This is SO well done! I love the way you've got the gold just right.