Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Still Life with Garlic

Still Life with Garlic
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Garlic is a staple in our household - and so to change gears and work a bit on some still lifes, I've sketched this from a photo reference. Would you believe we had run out of garlic??? Today is definitely a trip to the grocery store!


Teri C said...

Nice!! Love the garlic (you are funny!) and wood grain is great.

Tami said...

Knowing some of the foods you've talked about having and cooking, I don't doubt it. Love your colors in this whole painting.

Sandy said...

Gorgeous, that copper sings and the garlic I can smell on my monitor!!

Lorraine said...

Oh no, out of garlic!!! A terrible fate. We are both alliumphiles and buy it buy the jar, chopped and ready to go. Your drawing reminds me though of the days of peeling and putting the garlic through the press -- definitely better than the jars but a lot faster. Nice drawing -- makes me hungry!