Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sunrise in Oxford

Sunrise in Oxford
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As I was checking my email first thing yesterday morning, the window overlooking our back wodlands got my attention with this incredible sunrise. I grabbed my camera and took several photos from the window, from the deck, and from as many angles as I could capture.

Later than morning I began the wet in wet sky and trees, deciding to leave out the majority of the deciduous ones to focus more attention on the sunrise.

With that much red in the sky, we had about a 30 minute rain shower - happy to have any rain at this point in our drought.

I had to leave for the day to pick up my Mom from the airport. Southwestern Airlines has lost her luggage, and at 85 years old, this is rather traumatic. We did manage to get in a lunch, dinner and grocery shop, though. After 3 calls, they've yet to return my messages, so today will be spent hunting for some clothing for mom and perhaps a return 70-minute trip to the airport. SIGH.

It'll be a busy next couple of days -- We watch the grands tomorrow as my son and daughter-in-law get their holiday shopping done, and after that my daughter arrives, we hope. Right now, her daughter is sick ... so we've got our fingers crossed for luggage and grandchildren.

As for the painting -- I'm still not crazy about my tree branches, (wasn't nuts about the bare trees I in my snow scene yesterday) -- so I think I"m going to spend some sketching time with the trees from my window while mom and I visit. It's a cold 30F this morning ... Mom left 78F weather in Florida so we'll be sitting by the fireplace a lot!

Hope everyone's holiday preparations are going well!


Lorraine said...

Oh Lin, this is breathtaking. I love the trees -- the soft muted leaves and the sharp branches and that sky -- perfection. So glad you caught that in person and on camera.

Lynn said...

It's gorgeous! The sky colors are so soft and diffuse. Just beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful visit with your family this Christmas.

laureline said...

Sorry to hear about the lost luggage! It isn't fair that your sweet mother should have to fret about such things (or that you should, either.) Your sky sketch is lovely.

Laurel Neustadter said...

This is gorgeous. Both the sky and trees are beautiful.

Teri C said...


Lindsay said...

Oh Lin, this is so beautiful. I love the quiet glowing feeling you have captured here.