Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Field of Daylilies

Field of Daylilies
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Though I had yesterday off from work, I spent most of the day doing chores and running errands, including a moderate stay at the Toyota dealer for a new set of tires, oil change and the like. While I sat in the waiting room, I sketched and painted these daylilies ....

'Tis the season for this flower -- the JCC Arboretum is filled with them, my garden is sporting a number of varieties, and even the native daylilies along the roadsides are in bloom. Further, the North Carolina Department of Transportation has a very successful 'wildflower' program whereby acres of wildflowers are planted along many of our highways. Included in these plantings are bright yellow and orange daylilies, thus expanding the range and viewing of these cheery blooms.

The flowers are also edible -- simply remove the calyx (green part that holds the petals together) and the reproductive structures -- and the petals can be consumed raw or gently sauteed -- either open or in bud. During one of the classes I taught years ago, we tasted daylilies of different colors -- and yes, there were differences in the tastes!

Have a cheerful day!


Anonymous said...

Lovely daylilies Lin...you've captured them as if they are in mass and your few are standing out in close-up...love the effect!

Teri C said...

These are so pretty Lin and blooming here also. I had no idea you could eat them. Think I may try a daylily sandwich for lunch :)

Jeanette said...

Mmmmmm daylilies! So beautiful! And you have your garden full of them? I am SO envious! Do you remember the daylily I made inspired by you? I never got your address so I could send it to you. I really want to though. Your drawings are such inspiration!

Lots of Love to you

Anonymous said...

I just love the idea of flowers planted along highways. Wish it were everywhere! Your painting is lovely. I especially like the way the daylilies in the foreground are very detailed and the ones in the background are more impressionistic!

Joan said...

Lovely job on these!!! Lucky you to have such a nice view to paint from the Toyota dealer. I never knew daylilies were edible!

Linda said...

Beautiful! And daylilies are yummy -- fresh like a cucumber, so they are nice in salads or with a tiny bit of cream cheese...