Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gallardia (Blanket Flower)

Gallardia (Blanket Flower)
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With the drought still haunting us from last year, I didn't plant as many garden vegetables or flowers as I normally do -- but I couldn't resist these bright blanket flowers. I've only a few plants in one raised bed, yet with all the rains lately, they're full of color!

I painted these quicklly after a day with the grands -- lots of fun!! We picked blueberries and blackberries from our bushes, walked in the heat, even managed a nap! What was so fun to see was Emily -- all of 4 -- being able to quietly get close enough to moths and butterflies (those sipping from my flowers) and 'catch' them gently between her wee fingers! We went exploring for 'insects' and with her sharp eyes, she even spotted an inch worm on the ground in the middle of the woods! Nick doesn't want anything to do with 'bugs' ... but when their father was a young teen, he had a large insect collection -- all identified and labled -- and used it to help me teach nature workshops! Ah, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree ...!!! LOL

Off to a plein air event today --it's supposted to be over 90F ... so we'll see how much I can get done before I turn into a puddle!


Deb said...

Beautifully done! Vibrant!

Tami said...

I love Gallardia, they grow wild up in Washington but only the the yellow ones. I think Grans are the best gift one can get! Enjoy your plein aire outing, sounds HOT!!!!

Joan said...

Lin, These have a beautiful vibrancy to them!!! Well done. Sounds like you had a fun day exploring nature. Hope the plein air outing is fun...and shady!

Anonymous said...

As gorgeous as any botanical illustration I've seen. Whew, busy weekend. I loved hearing about the children and the bugs and butterflies! Interesting that it's Emily who likes the bugs and not Nick!! I think you might be grooming a future nature lover!
Hugs and Happy Creating,

Jona said...

Hello Lin, it's been a while since my last visit on your blog. Today I'm catching up. :)
The very moment I open your blog I notice how much beauty it is in it. I don't wanna sound sugary, but I trully enjoy myself visiting it.
Thank you for your recent visit at mine. I didn't paint for a while (should learn perseverance from you ;)).I'm fine, thank you for asking.
Have a nice Sunday, Lin!

Rita said...

I haven't been back for a while, either. Love your work in general. Your sunflowers made me smile!! :)

laureline said...

I love hearing about your time with your grandchildren, Lin. They are so lucky to have you. Your flower sketches never fail to charm ;D.

Teri C said...

I love these flowers also (they are like colorful daisies :) and you did a wonderful job on them!!
The grands are so fun and full of life, arn't they?!

africantapestry said...

I love your blanket flowers...the colours are glowing!