Saturday, July 19, 2008

Golden Rain Tree - Koelreuteria

Summer's abundance continues the B&B this week, the incredible beauty of Rebecca's Golden Rain Tree was breathtaking! The long branches of dark green leaves were draped by streamers of seed pods in blends of yellow, chartreuse and red that just demanded attention!

I cut a few pieces to sketch ... what an incredible tree!

The day with Laura and Sue was much fun! We spent some time at the Ackland Museum for exhibits featuring water and the garden. I was somewhat disappointed in the garden exhibit -- I suppose my expectations were different than what was presented -- but the water exhibit was VERY interesting - especially as we discussed the various pieces.

We endulged ourselves with a huge gelato for lunch (which should have also been my dinner - but oh my was it fabulous!!!

While our intention was to sketch a bit, somehow we didn't get around to it at the time ... nonetheless, the company was terrific and the outing most enjoyable!

Today we're off to the Cantaloupe Festival, then dinner with some friends. I hope to get in a few sketches ...


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Joan said...

Beautiful colors in this!! You are always out somewhere doing something that sounds like such fun!

Teri C said...

Lovely little nature study Lin. I have rarely ever seen this kind of tree.

Teresa said...

Hi Lin!

Re: your comment on my blog... the "trials of Teresa" .... sounds like of like the "Perils of Pauline" doesn't it? LOL!! Sure hope my "adventures" are not as hair-raising!

Linda said...

These trees are so interesting -- and your botanical is just perfect.

Anonymous said...

Neat sketch. I have never heard of this tree and was glad to see some part of it to add to my "tree knowledge." Sounds like a fund day despite the gardens not being up to par.