Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jefferson's Arbor and Garden

Another view of Jefferson's garden showing his arbor.

This is one of two arbors located at the edge of Jefferson's vegetable garden. Not only are grapes growing on it, but also some types of beans - like lab-lab (Hyacinth beans) and others.

His grape vines, Jefferson was known to be ' fond of the 'grape,' are grown beyond this arbor, but these structures were so pretty to me against the foliage and Smokey Mountains, that I felt compelled to paint at least one of them!

According to folks at the Monticello Vineyard, Jefferson was never a huge producer of grapes or wine. But today, Monticello wines are being produced ... some of them rather nice ... all of them rather expensive!

Nick, Emily and Arby are getting along pretty well -- I'm not sure who among them encourages all the chasing!


Anonymous said...

Oh it's beautiful. Love the soft background and the very specific rows in the garden -- such nice detail, yet soft.

Teri C said...

Oh so lovely and wonderuful!

Spinneretta said...

Monticello is lovely :) There are loads of Vineyards around there too, the wines are pretty good :D

You did a great job on this, I love that smoky feeling to the background. My kids and husband say that the 'Blue Ridge mountains are the prettiest in the world." I think they might be biased though... ;)