Friday, July 25, 2008

Jefferson's Blanching Jugs and Kale

It's no secret that I just love things of terra cotta -- so spotting these jugs in the middle of Jefferson's garden compelled me to investigate!

There were about a dozen of the pots in all ... some 'at work' and some put to the side as though their 'job' was finished.

We asked the gardener about them.

"They're blanching pots," he told us. "Jefferson would place them over the kale as it was growing to 'whiten' the green leaves as they grew." Apparently, white leaved kale is a delicacy and believed to be sweeter than the normal green leaves.


I had heard of blanching asparagas and other vegetables -- but not kale -- and NOT with such beautiful pots!


Joan said...

Great job on the kale leaves with the terra cotta pots!!!!

Teri C said...

They are just wonderfully done. it's so easy to tell you love doing them.

Spinneretta said...

If you check Beatrix Potter books, you'll find similar things :) I have been to so many of the historical sites here in VA, and I just love the innovations they had back then. My absolute favourite garden though, is the one on DOG stree in Williamsburg :)