Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Landscape Field and Flowers

Landscape Field and Flowers
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I suppose it will always be the 'challenge' of the artist as to what to include and what to leave out --- leaving things OUT, at least for me, being the most difficult of the two.

This landscape, based on a photo from Wet Canvas, was far more complex in the photograph, with many more shrubs and grasses. It took far more planning to decide what I could ELiMINATE than it has ever taken me to decide what to include ....!

Still, I am always left with the question -- is it enough -- would a bit 'more' be better?

Is one ever fully satsified with one's decisions in this regard?

(More ran predicted today -- and meetings off campus -- have a great day!)


Anonymous said...

I love it just the way it is. I always struggled with that too, feeling that I had to do sky, mountains, and foreground but sometimes a simple painting like this one really makes me concentrate on the sky and the foreground and I love what I see here -- the foreground colors play off the sky beautifully!

Robyn said...

Beautiful landscape, Lin. I'm really drawn to the sky and I always love your grasses. What to leave out is always the biggest struggle for me too.

Teresa said...

Beautiful as is! We got a nice shower last night (woo hoo!)... more rain still needed so keeping fingers crossed!

Teri C said...

Oh Lin, this is just stunning!!!

Carole said...

It's perfect as it is, Lin. You've got that little clump of flowers in the foreground, then soft grasses and a few trees on the horizon to put that wonderful big sky into perspective. No more needed!

Sandy said...

Absolutely glorious, every post is framable!! ( LOVE LOVE your sky)

Joan said...

Lin, This has "just enough"!!! Great color and nice composition. I wonder when I eliminate things from a photo too. It is hard to decide what to leave out!!

Deb said...

Beautiful landscape, well done!

Anonymous said...

absolutely stunning!

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Jenny said...

This is really beautiful. The foreground and sky are especially well done.

Jona said...

Lin, this if perfect!! I love it so much. I'm a huge fan of your landscapes my dear... you are doing so well with them.

You reminded me of one thing I never do in my painting tries...and that is planning. Thx for the lesson. ...And IMHO you included just the right amount of things in therdcquctu

clare said...

Oh! Lin! Everytime I pop in here I am more delighted with your paintings. This is so very lovely.