Friday, July 18, 2008

Landscape - Tree and Road

Landscape - Tree and Road
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More daily practice

My husband says it reminds him of the "Road Less Traveled" ...sometimes I think it's the kind of road I've been on so often and that's why it appealed to me ... a bit of curve, a hint of flowers, the trees beckoning me on ...?

It's been a busy week and next will be even more so --

I"m off today to head to the Art Museum to catch a new exhibit with some friends, then if the rain holds, a festival tomorrow, and dinner with friends.

I'll be sketching as I can ...and I am so looking forward to some relaxation time with folks I love ...

Have a great day!


Tami said...

Your colors in this have the early morning in the summer tone. Not the bright intense colors of spring, more muted. This is beautiful and calming in it' simplicity

Joan said...

Great colors in this. Love the flowers along the side of the road. Looks like that shady spot under the tree would be a good spot for a picnic. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Charles named it correctly. Beautiful painting Lin. Have a terrific, relaxing weekend. And enjoy the art show!

Sandy said...

Lovely peaceful scene, and your skies are the Best!

Teri C said...

What a beauty!! I could walk right down that road.

Jona said...

Such a firm and peaceful scene.
Love the combination of colors you used.

Have a fantastic and relaxing time, Lin.

Sue said...

What a beautiful landscape. Awesome.

I hope you don't mind but I picked you for the brillante weblog award. Check out my blog (or many others) for details. No obligations or anything. It just sounded like a nice thing to do. Hope you don't mind.