Monday, July 07, 2008

Ode to Rain

Ode to Rain
Originally uploaded by linfrye
Three days of rain -- yahoo!!! This longed-for liquid has been so needed -- from ponds and lakes to plants and animals. My once small, bitter blueberries have even swelled with sweetness with this welcome moisture.

Had a bit of sunshine yesterday and took a walk ... the scent of wet grasses, refreshed trees, flowers and soil seemed to swirl with sweetness with each foot fall ...truly a blessing.

It's back to work today with meetings, grants, registration and plan making ... it's been a restive few days -- for which I am ever grateful.

Have a great week!


Sandy said...

Congratulations on all fronts - lovely ode to rain here.

Teri C said...

What a wonderful ode to rain! I can just see your excitement.

Joan said...

Glad to hear you had rain, and I'm glad it doesn't stop you from painting. Nice job on this!

mARTa said...

I don't know if I remember what rain looks like. What a lovely tribute to it!

Anonymous said...

Your ode was so good -- it made me smell and feel the rain and all it had achieved. I'm happy for you. Yummy blueberries should never be allowed to dry out!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I clicked to enlarge the painting and got to see the cute little froggy! This painting just oozes that wonderful fresh smell of summer rain (something we NEVER have here in California but I remember from other places I've lived). This is a gorgeous painting!

Jona said...

Sweet one... would make a nice painting in a fairy-tale.