Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our Plein Air Event - Sunflowers Antiques and Barn

Our plein air group is meeting again!!! We are all so glad for the helpers who've worked with the group coordinators to make this return possible. There's been a bit of sickness that caused our meetings to be cancelled, and so with the help of some of the other groups members, we're back to meeting!! THANK YOU!

Our 'return' event found us outside Chapel Hill near Jordan Lake at one of the most unusual gardens and antique barns I've seen! Paintings, knick-knacks, flowers, garden object d'art, vintage items, wooden objects, and so many 'pretties' to oooh and ahh over. FUN!

Though the day was hot, there was ample shade for everyone! Many of us spent a good amount of time catching up with one another.

I settled under a huge tree to try to capture a 'part' of the wonderfully festive garden that necklaced the 'barn' -- itself painted a riot of color and scenes with contents I could have spent the day examining -- I merged a few of the objects in front of the barn into one 'view' ... but I took a lot of photos to return to this magical place again and again!

It was SO good to be back with these artists again!


Carole said...

This is a charming and colourful grouping of objects. It's so relaxing painting outdoors, I'm glad your group restarted.

Robyn said...

Now there's a group I'd love to join! Delighted for you Lin and while I love your flowers as usual, your earlier painting at the side of the road is stunning. Brava.

Teri C said...

A lovely collage of images!! makes me feel like I was there with you. Wish I could find a group like this.

Anonymous said...

So glad your group is able to meet and paint again. This is such a lovely, soft painting, yet beautiful in its details too!

Joan said...

Lovely collection of items in your group. Does the group ask for permission to sketch on the premises? I've often wanted to wander into garden/landscaping businesses but feel funny staying there to sketch....although I never had a problem sitting with the pumpkins at the farm stand to paint.(I guess I hope they don't notice me. lol)Nice job on these! It must be fun to do plein air with a group.

Jona said...

Very romantic!

How great you have the possibility to be part of such group. :)