Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Vegetable Garden at Monticello

We left early for Monticello, especially since the day promised to be warm and thunder showers were predicted for the afternoon.

Although the day was in the 90sF, we so enjoyed this huge (over 1000 feet LONG) vegetable garden set against the mountains in the distance (as well as the orchards, vineyards, house ....!!!).

Gardeners were working in the rows and we had a chance to ask questions about the types of vegetables raised, the harvesting, pesticides, herbicides, irrigation (overhead for the most part), heirloom plants and the like. We walked the rows noting that so many of the plants tha twe grow in the Arboretum's vegetable garden were the same. We noted all the herbs mixed within the rows as well as the huge and numerous rosemary plants. I especially liked the tee-pee style of twining some of the beans growing there. And f course, the wee house adds a nice touch! LOL

One thing to note for the garden. In Jefferson's time, the plots within the garden were planted according to the part of the vegetable eaten - leaf (ie lettuce), root (ie carrot), or seed (ie tomato) --- we suspect that planting this way would ease how deeply the soil had to be tilled ....carrots, for instance, needing soil better tilled so they would grow straight deeper into the ground. You wouldn't have to till as deeply for lettuce, for instance.

Below this ridge holding the garden, are the grapes, fruit trees and ornamental trees Jefferson also grew. I'll get to those as I can this weekend ... we have the grands Saturday night.

Back to work and my piles of paperwork!


Robyn said...

What a dream of a garden!

I've just passed on a couple of blogging awards to you, Lin. Absolutely understand if you don't have time to participate.

Deb said...

You certainly have done this justice! The detail in the "wee" building is just right!

I left a reply to your comment on my blog.

Tami said...

Beautiful, Lin. Sounds pretty interesting too.

Anonymous said...

How interesting and I love the little house! But your depiction of the garden is fantastic. Loved the "play by play" too. I've enjoyed your trip vicariously through your blog. Thanks!

Joan said...

What a lovely view of the garden against the mountains!!!! Really nice!!

Sandy said...

I agree a dream of a garden, beautifully sketched!

The Happy Painter said...

Your work and generous spirit are inspiring so .. I am presenting you with an Arte y Pico Award. If you would like to accept this award please visit my blog and follow the rules, If you choose not to accept, you still rock!

Teri C said...

Beautiful job on this. Looks like a fab place.