Thursday, July 17, 2008


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I don't think it would be summer without slices of cold watermelon! After working outdoors in the garden, NOTHING seems to quench my thirst or cool down the heat like watermelon!

It's going past 90F today, so I foresee a slice or two in my future ....! My NEAR future!!! LOL


Anonymous said...

Uum, yes, Bruce is on his second one right now. They seem incredibly sweet this summer. Nice sketch and you've captured the color perfectly!

Teri C said...

Oh yum! You have got that juicy look and great color to that watermelon.

Our heat and humidity is the same as yours so I need to go have some watermelon after seeing yours:)

Joan said...

Yummy!!!! Great color in this! I remember being in Florence, Italy in the summer about 30 years ago, eating watermelon from a street vendor. I can still taste that sweetness and I remember how cool it felt on a super hot day.

Tami said...

Yep, watermellon is the BOMB!!!! Yours looks Great!

Anonymous said...

Your watermelon looks like it is bursting with sweetness and juice and I can hear it "crackle" away from the the colour Lin!

Jona said...

One of my favourite fruits. Was thinking to paint it this days, too. :)
But now you convinced me to go to the fridge - literally.

Like how you painted the little slice.