Sunday, December 07, 2008

Bluebird in Snow -- OOPS Chickadee in Snow!!!

Bluebird in Snow
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I take a delicious sense of joy when I open the front door before sun up and find all six scrambling cats pawing the door waiting for breakfast. I'm met with eager abandon -- and when I do manage to get the door open to retrieve their food bowls, the six pour into the house like black and white liquid. I need to step carefully so I don't fall over them or squish them in my attempt to ready breakfast! What a hoot! They're beginning to circle my feet as I fill their bowls. Pepper and Boots are quite comfortable in the house, and Blackie, dantiest of them all, is getting more so ... but the others walk around the downstairs with a bit of anxiety ... and any noise has them dashing for cover, paws slipping on the floors! They are enchanting!

All this activity means less birds, I'm afraid. The feeders are still full from my filling weeks ago, and I do worry that the bluebirds who've made their home in our box for five years won't feel comfortable enough to return. I don't know what I'll do about that since the cats are roaming to the furthest reaches of our acreage.

I painted this in anticipation of the snow we didn't have last night.... lol .. but we did have cold rain and I was WISHING for snow --- and yes, a few birds .. I am missing them, too.

Watercolor and India Ink (white)

THANKS so much for the correction, Teri! Next time, write AFTER coffee!! LOL


mARTa said...

This is so lovely. I had a dream last night of birds and snow....weird huh?

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful and I love the background. Yup, the balance in nature is hard on us thinking adults!! And I know full well about the "feeding frezy" as I call it. Any recent photos - hint hint!!!

Teri C said...

Um. Lin, I think you painted an adorable and beautiful chickadee. :)

Joan said...

Lin - Beautiful colors in this!!! Too bad the bluebirds are being scared off by the kitties. I had to laugh as I pictured them all scrambling into the house. Enjoy them!

Claudia said...

Beautiful bird painting! Love it!

Teresa said...

Love the fresh, outdoorsy, wintry colors you used. Was surprised to read that you were wishing for snow??? Is this really Lin's blog or have I wandered into another blog by mistake? ;-)

Rita said...

Love this delicate bird painting! I don't post often, but I love your work. :)