Friday, December 19, 2008

Eno River Ink and Wash

Eno River Ink and Wash
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Daily Practice

With the holidays upon me and Mom's arrival yesterday, it seems my leisurely time to paint is somewhat 'challenged' ... so I'm going to try to work on hastening my daily practice sketches ... this is one attempt.

The sketch, from a photo I took last year of the spillway of the Eno River, matches the days we're having -- a bit of cloud, damp, rainy. I wanted also to return to my Raffine sketchbook to try again that 100# paper. After working only on Arches 140#cp, I found the Rafine too smooth and not as forgiving ...and I couldn't work as wet as I'm working lately ... so this quick practice showed me that I really need to continue using the Arches, even with their additional expense.

Mom looks great! Though at 85 soon to be 86, she's slowed down considerably, needs an arm to steady her walk, she is still as cheerful and delightful and spunky as anyone who has reached such a milestone can be! My son joined me for lunch and surprised mom with his presence at the airport.

Today it's wrapping gifts, preparing foods for next week, and if time permits, a bit of shopping.

The rain is supposed to clear later today, but it appears the snow and ice is going to create havoc for some folks across the country. Prayers for their safety and warmth!


Anonymous said...

Well, your "hurry" doesn't show -- the painting is lovely and shows us the skeleton of winter in all it's beauty. You did a great job with the water -- very hard to do.

So glad your mom is well and that you had a three-generation reunion at the airport. Take good care and enjoy your family.

Joan said...

Your painting of the falls came out great!!!! You showed its movement so well! Nice colors too. I find that after working on Arches, most other papers are an adjustment.

It is wonderful that you'll have your mom around for the holidays. That makes it so special!

We are awaiting the predicted snowstorm. I have my boots and camera ready so I can do some snow photos, which means we will probably just end up with rain. Stay safe and have fun!

Teri C said...

I would never know you had a problem becuase this looks super!!

squawmama said...

I am glad I came back to see you... I posted this morning but don't see it... guess I was sleep blogging...LOL LOL What I ahd said it that I wanted you to give mom a BIG HUG from me... My parents are no longer here with us and I just love every older person I meet... Hope you guys have a great visit...


Carol C said...

Beautiful painting! I hope you enjoy your holidays AND find time to paint....hard to strike that balance but I hope you reach a satisfactory arrangement. Merry Christmas!!!---Carol C.