Monday, December 01, 2008

Flowerpot and Steps

Flowerpot and Steps
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Boy was yesterday's grey skies. rain and cold miserable. So thankful to be able to stay indoors! I suppose the bleakness of the day had me turning to some of our plein air photographs for sketch material. I found a photo of a garden that I painted plein air last year ... and realized that the painting I had done while at this garden in Hillsborough included far too many details ... so I challenged myself to re-compose and crop the photo to make a painting more to my liking.

Keeping the 'path of light' in mind again, I simplified the scene making the foliage more abstract against the firmer, more realistic steps. I fuzzed out the background and I like this much better than my original plein air attempt. Now to try to do that while sitting in front of an entire garden!! LOL

It's back to work again -- and truly an overwhelmingly busy week. But we're on countdown until the end of the semester -- and the holidays! Yeah!


squawmama said...

Good Morning Lin.... Love the colors in this painting... Great job done... Hope your day is fabulous...


Anonymous said...

LOL -- a Southern gal and a Yankee who talk the same way. I'm always starting a sentence with "Boy, it was ....."

Your painting is scrumpdillyicious!! The colors are so vibrant and indeed a lovely sight to see with the leaden skies and rain here too; although today it's so cold, it will be snow. I love love love it Lin.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Lin...we have to do(and look at) more of these vibrant paintings to drive those blues away!

Teri C said...

It is beautiful Lin. Just beautiful and happy.

Sandy said...

Just lovely Lin, like a breath of fresh springtime air - thank you.

Teresa said...

Well, Lin, it's usual.... but you know I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's hot chocolate-blanket-and movie weather! Woo Hoo! Still hoping for snow.....!!

Joan said...

Lin - This came out lovely!!!I like the "path of light" idea. I'll have to read up about it in one of Kathryn's books. Hope your Thanksgiving was great! We had a great trip and will finally be home tomorrow.