Thursday, December 18, 2008

Granville Farmhouse in Fall

It's been raining here -- warmer than our typical December, but rain and fog and the damp of sodden plants and grass. The cats are romping on the porch, out of the rain, and while I'm painting I can hear them as they chase one another across the wood floor ... they're getting to sound like wee elephants when all six of them of playing.

I'm continuing to work on the fall farmhouses from our photo tour, and here's another. I've done this one several times before I was satisfied enough with this one ... the trees gave me the most trouble, trying to capture that 'green as it's turning red' aspect ... and I'm not sure I've gotten it yet.

Mom arrives this afternoon, so I'm in the throes of preparing for her visit. It'll be somewhat busy since I'll want to take her shopping, see some sights and the like. We'll also be spending a few days preparing our holiday meals and desserts.

I simply cannot believe it's only 7 days until Christmas!!!


Teresa said...

This is lovely, Lin! You did a great job capturing the fall color mix.

Re: 7 days until Christmas... don't remind me! LOL!

Joan said...

You did the turning of the tree perfectly!!! I like this one a lot! Hope I can do as much justice to my photos of the barns as you have. Enjoy your time with your mom!!!

Tami said...

Beautiful Lin! The trees came out PERFECT!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lin you've outdone yourself on this one. The trees are gorgeous and the tall grass in the front is really great focal point leading the eye back into the whole scene. And I love the bits of rusty color you've put on the buildings. I looked and looked at this one!

So glad your mom is coming to be with you. Happy times to you both.

squawmama said...

Very nice Lin... Sounds like your going to be busy for a while... So much for your rest.. LOL LOL Enjoy your visit with your mom...


Teri C said...

Gorgeous farmhouse and beautiful trees.