Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Olive Branch

Olive Branch
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Home ....!

The Christmas Luncheon yesterday was the 'official' end to the semester ... grades turned in, a bit of clean-up, all else placed on 'hold' until the frenzy begins again in January ... but for now, merriment, food, and song sent us on our holiday respite ... and I did my traditional yearly thing since I began working away from home-- I unpacked my ENTIRE car and my ENTIRE suitcase!! I know, it's a little thing, but for me, living out of my closet for 2 weeks instead of a travel bag is sheer heaven! LOL

I also began my holiday tidying-up, getting to those tasks that I need a bit more time to complete than I have on a weekend... so though I'm home, the busyness shifts from work to homestead. Still, I don't have to set the alarm and my cats all got hugs this morning! LOL

Olives ... I painted these from a photo I've used to paint olives before... I love how the leaves twist and turn, their blue/green against ripening fruits. Someday I hope to participate in an olive harvest in Italy ... I always think of Italy and olive oil when I see them.

But these days, and in this season, perhaps I was thinking more of the need for 'peace' and the olive's symbolism for that most precious gift. In the world's turmoil, the economic strain, job loss and stress, perhaps peace, above all, is what would bring the season to each heart and each soul.

May it be.


squawmama said...

Good Morning Lin, Love the painting of the olive branch... It is fabulous. Hip Hip Hooray you getting a break for a couple of weeks...A well needed rest...Have a peaceful Wednesday...


Anonymous said...

Oh the painting is so wonderful -- the detail and color on the olives is outstanding and yes, the leaves, such beautiful shapes and colors. But oh, that background -- it just sets the olives and leaves off to perfection. I just love it and I'm not even Italian (but I think I was meant to be, preferring Italian food to French any day!).
So glad you are home and can relax a bit.
Hugs and Love,

Joan said...

We definitely need the peaceful olive branch in our world today. This is great!!! I love olive trees and their leaves and little treasure. I also love the unique shape to the trees in a landscape. You gave this such lovely color and shading. Enjoy your time home!!!

Rick said...

Very nice -color scares me. I admire your skill.

Teri C said...

Yay for you
School if through

And peace reigns.

Lovely olive branch and so appropriate.

Teresa said...

Beautiful olives! Look ready to pluck from the branch. Glad to hear you're home... don't get too busy with "homework".... take time for some R & R for Lin!

By Costas the Greek said...

very beautiful painting. i'd like to feature it at my olive oil-tasting site ( Let me know if you would like that. :-)

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

Love your olive branch...olive trees being among my favourites!