Thursday, December 11, 2008


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Sometimes when time and obligations hand you lemon, you try to make lemonade from it.

I painted the oranges a while back, but they looked so forelorn that I thought I'd try to add a few things I learned from my workshops last month. I"m not sure it worked or not -- but here it is ...

We're winding down and I"ve a pile of papers to get through before next week ....we're also expecting some severe weather -- rain, thunderstorms, high winds, so since our offices are in a mobile unit, we may have to vacate this afternoon if things get as bad as predicted ... if that's the case, I'll check in tonight if I have Internet service at home .... fingers crossed!

Have a great day!


Teri C said...

They look good enough to eat. I love the colors you used here.

Anonymous said...

What a neat piece -- so different from what you usually do so especially delightful to see you spreading your wings again!
Love the blues and oranges together.
Keeping you in my thoughts about the weather.

Joan said...

Lin - You captured the light on the orange slices really well!!!!! Hope the weather isn't too bad down there. They were expecting snow in New Orleans today! We're expecting rain today and tomorrow too. Stay safe!

Bonny said...

Lin, questa disegno é stupenda!!! ;))

The colours are not only complementary andvibrant but they capture that quintessential Italian essence.

This is my favourite piece!

Sandy said...

Striking balance with the blue - no sure how it looked before, but it is a winner now - stay safe - we have heavy rain, wind too in CT.

Deb said...

I love what you've done with your orange slices...I'm a sucker for vibrant colors :-)

Stay safe!

squawmama said...

Ok Lin... Here is something I can relate to... Oranges... I live in the Sunshine State... we have plenty here...LOL LOL... Love the picture and glad to hear that is it getting a little less hectic your way... Have a good one


Linda said...

I REALLY like this one! The light just shines through those oranges. Wonderful!