Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oxford Barn in the Fall

Oxford Barn in the Fall
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I'm still working through my stash of fall barn photos from some of the 'inspiration' rides C and I took this fall. This view, another Granville County barn, has been simplifed and I like that .... I'm thinking the colors could have been intensified a bit, but I'm arguing with myself since I also like the softer pallet.

I got to the B&B last night just before Rebecca's dinner for 20 -- Oh how beautiful the house looked -- poinsettias,Christmas mood lighting, soft music, the scent of baking, candles, laughter and talk -- what a delight to see so many people enjoying the rich hospitality and delicious food. I painted this while the party/meeting took place, and Rebecca encouraged folks to drop bt my room to visit the 'artist' ... I was honored by Rebecca's incredible support ... (and I was ever grateful that my muse stayed around long enough for the guests!!! LOL

It's been HOT here -- Last week our temps began in the low 20sF and ended in the 60s --- yesterday and today will reach 70!!!! So the fog this morning is as dense as butter and equally difficult to drive in!

We have our Christmas luncheon today -- and then I'm off until January! YAHOO! Naturally, I'm bringing work home with the hopes of making a small dent in it so January doesn't overwhelm me too much, since my daugher's baby is due then and I'll be dashing to South Carolina to be a 'nonna' again!

Stay safe in all this weather!!!!!


squawmama said...

Good Morning Lin... I am sure glad you didn't second guess yourself on this painting... I love it just the way it is... Sounds like everyone was having a wonderful time at the B&B last night... Holidays are always great for entertaining... Bet you can't wait for the blessed arrival of your new little one... That is the most wonderful feeling of all... Have a great Day!!!


Tami said...

I like the simplicity of this barnscape and the muted fall colors, I think the sky is perfect for it, any brighter and it would compete with the landscape. Have a great vacation. Congratualtions agan "Nonna"!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I thought you were already off for the holidays but it sounds close! I love the painting just the way it is. It's so serene and peaceful -- a place I could just walk into the distance and make myself at home!
We've had snow and freezing rain and schools and a lot of other things are closed but fortunately we're not as bad off as New England and the Mid-west. Let's hope it stays that way!

Teri C said...

It does look like autumn. so pretty and peaceful.

Joan said...

Lin - I didn't know your daughter was expecting...what a wonderful way to start 2009!!! Now every time you paint a barn I'll be thinking...Is that one of the barns Lin directed us to when I took the photos? I like the colors in this. Love the red barn!!!

Teresa said...

You've captured the essence of the rural NC landscape... beautifully!