Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rainy Day Road

Rainy Day Road
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The storms and rain ended early Friday morning, but heading out to my art group meeting, the sun was breaking through the clouds, and the wet trees and roadsides still in autumnal shades made an impression on me that called to be painted.

I carried a reference photo with me of such a scene (hunch?) and so during the morning of our get together, I painted this view. Wisps of fog were evident in my drive as well, so I thought the painting fit the morning too well not to paint!

Later in the afternoon, we each returned to some of Karlyns' techniques, and I should be finished with what I started at the meeting this afternoon.

It was a wonderful, wonderful time. A quiet, well-lit artspace, good company, good food, shared experiences -- what a restive, restorative time in this season of frenetic hurrying. I can't wait to get together again!

BTW, did you notice the full moon last night? It came up over the horizon like an enormous pale yellow wafer that stopped me in my tracks!!! AMAZING!

Today, my plein air group meets back at our beloved goat farm, Elodie Farms, for a holiday lunch and show and tell of our artwork .... then back home to hit the wrapping and chores!

Temps have plummeted and we're in the 20s .. so I don't see painting outdoors today -- my fingers and toes get numb if temps fall below 50F!

Stay warm everyone!


Joan said...

Lovely autumn view!!! It looks like one of those NC bars could be right around the corner. The moon yesterday (according to what I read on Yahoo) was the largest moon of the year because it was the closest the moon comes to the earth. I tried to take photos of it with some trees in front of it, but they came out awful so I scrapped them. It was lovely since we had such clear skies last night.

Teri C said...

It is beautiful and perfect for the day indeed!!

squawmama said...

Great picture and YES I saw the moon... I went out to take apicture it was so enormous... That would make a beautiful painting... I ama MOON freak anyways...


Teresa said...

Lin, this is a wonderful painting! Love the quiet fall palette.