Sunday, December 21, 2008

Venice Laundry II

Venice Laundry II
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Ah, more rain, more overcast skies, and so I return to sunny Italy and a view of Venice provided by my dear friend Jona (, and laundry that can be hung in the weather! This so reminded me of yesterday's chores - laundry, shopping and a TON of cooking - Italian meatballs, sausages, spaghetti sauce for next week, sanwiches for lunch, something different for dinner. More gifts to wrap ... whew ... relaxing as I could in paint and dreams! LOL

I also received a note from Karlyn Holman ( with more 'get ready' notes for the trip to Italy with her in May -- including info about our stay in Venice -- so yesterday was really filled with dreams!!!

Today will be much quieter - cookies to bake, cards to play, and more rain ...

Mercy, the country has been hit with some kind of icy storms and freezing temps. Our warm days will be gone too by later this morning as the cold dips into the south .. so I can see where the fireplace will have a big role to play.

Thank you too for your kind notes .. and especially about the kitties. I was asked if I'm keeping them all ... lolol .. well, I find it hard to break up a family ..
(I know, I know -- SUCKER me! LOL)

Stay safe everyone -- and warm -- fingers and toes crossed for the power to remain on across all grids!


squawmama said...

Good Morning Lin... Love the painting this morning... Wow sounds like your getting slammed with bad weather... You & Mom stay inside and take it easy today...LOL I wisj I was there with you to play cards... Love it... Have a warm & Blessed Sunday


Teri C said...

A fabuous painting Lin. Love the shadows and colors.

And going to Italy with Homan-what a dream!!

Joan said...

Lin - SUPER LAUNDRY!!! Painting it is much better than doing it! Stay dry down there. Our snow is being washed away by rain today...quite a sloppy day!

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is **beautiful**, Lin!

I seldom get to hang the laundry outside. When I did it this weekend and brought it into the house, everything smelled of sunlight. There is nothing quite like it.

Lucky, lucky you for going to Italy. =)

& thanks so much for stopping by my Porch and leaving your encouraging words!

Shirley said...

Beautiful Venice - fabulous painting. Your upcoming trip sounds glorious. Merry Christmas to your family - and many days of great family time.

Robyn said...

It sounds very cosy and happy at your place, Lin :)

Lovely work on the Venice laundry you have captured beautiful natural sunlight and the shadows are a triumph.

So many lovely paintings you've posted since my last visit. Brava.

You had better let me know soon when and where you are going to be in Italy.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the colorful Venice laundry and the building. So bright and cheerful during this very cold and bitter weather. Great job Lin. You are amazing. All the company, cooking, baking, wrapping and still you manage to paint beautiful and complete painting. Bravo!!
Hugs and Love,