Saturday, December 06, 2008

Venice Laundry

Venice Laundry
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What is it about laundry hanging on a line that is so evocative and appealing? Place that laundry out the window against an old building in Italy, and you have an image that simply lets my imagination soar!

This painting, based on another generously loaned and beautifully captured photograph from my friend, Jona ( takes in all those things I love best! Thank YOU so much again, Jona!

It's been mighty cold again with rain and possible snow flurries predicted for today and tonight. C and I have a 'date' to visit a relatively new coffee shop for some local music, and I hope the weather doesn't snag our plans -- we rarely get out these days just for a 'date!' LOL

Stay warm everyone!


Robyn said...

They'd be having trouble getting that laundry dry this week, Lin.


Anonymous said...

Oh it's beautiful; the colors are fabulous; the shadows, the dimensions -- everything just PERFECT Lin. You are just amazing -- your talents really shine on this one. Thanks for this sunny painting on a very cold snowy day here!!

Joan said...

Super job on this, Lin!!!! This is such a typical Italian scene with the laundry. Funny how laundry on the line here doesn't quite get the same reaction. Hope your "date" night doesn't get cancelled. Enjoy it!

Teresa said...

Painting is lovely! Looks so homey and settled (but I still prefer my dryer!) LOL!

squawmama said...

Waaaa Hoooo Lin I love this one... Enjoy the cool weather... You could be here in the HOT!!!


Teri C said...

Isnt't it amazing how interesting laundry is! I just love this one!!

Marie-Dom said...

Just so lovely and evocative. I know what you mean about laundry lines, but having said that, my laundry line in the yard never conveys that romantic image!