Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter Snow Landscape

Winter Snow Landscape
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BRRRRR ..... Our mild temps have plummeted and we too are facing bitter cold and winds. It's below 20F .. VERY cold for piedmont North Carolina. And though the sun has been brightly shining, it has warmed little.

The snow and ice continues to blanket most of the northern part of the US, and mercy, if we here in NC are going to be miserable with cold, at least we could hope for a snowflake or two -- but that's not expected this year. So in homage to those folks struggling with record snowfall and for my own wish for a white Christmas, I found a photo reference for snow scene that I just had to paint. If I can't have the real thing, I'll have to settle for painting it!

But more seriously, I am hoping everyone affected by the snow will stay safe .. it has been a most challenging time.

Yesterday was pretty peaceful. I managed to make -- what else -- snowflake cookies (no pun intended) --play cards with mom, watch a movie, finish up some chores. Today we dash outside for scheduled car maintenance and a few other obligations. But it should be a rather quiet time. The cold bothers mom even more than it bothers me (apparently I get my cold intolerance from my mom), so we'll be spending a bit of time before the fireplace.

Stay safe and warm everyone!


squawmama said...

Wow it is really getting cold around most of the whole USA.... It is still warmer here in Florida but did chill down some... Expecting a high today of 62'.... I know those stuck in the bitter cold would love that... Glad you’re having a great time with mom... Loved your painting this morning... Have a great day


Anonymous said...

A perfect depiction of what we are having here last night and today. Down to 5 below last night and up to 20 today. Brrr. You portrayed it well. Thank goodness for sun today.
Stay warm and well.

Joan said...

Lin - I love the colors in this...perfect for the bare branches and weeds in the snow!!! Very nice tonal range in this!!

A warm fireplace sounds good to me. We have sunshine today, but strong winds and COLD temps. It should warm up by Christmas, so maybe we'll lose the little bit of snow that is still on the ground.

Claudia said...

Lin, you winter landscape is great! And so are all the paintings you did the last few days when I wasn't in the internet!
I wish you and all your family Merry Christmas and a Bright New Year!
Kind regards from