Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Zebra Grass

Zebra Grass
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Daily Practice/Escape!

Yesterday began before 7 am and the work day ended amost 13 hours later. It seems with the winding down of the semester, grades, billings, final accounts, holiday festivities, end of year meetings, budgets, etc., etc., there is a SHOVE toward getting everything done PRIOR to the school closing for the last two weeks of December. And yesterday, between meetings, phone calls, drop-in's emergencies, and the rest, my ears were ringing like holiday church bells.

So at noon-thirty, I closed my office door, walked out of my building, and baracaded myself in my car with my sketchpad and absolute SILENCE! AHHHHHH!

I looked out the windshield and drew what was right in front of me -- the corner of the mobile unit garden. On the side of the unit that houses our office space, is the xeric garden designed and installed by our horticulture students 2 years ago. Today, the zebra grass (yes, the blades of grass are STRIPED in ecru and green) is almost as tall as the air conditioning units that cool our offices, and the sienna colored plumes dance in the wind, slightly brushing the side of the building. Delightful ... and blessedly peaceful ....

So I drew the scene from my car, but then, knowing what was waiting for me on my desk, left the solace of my auto to return to the fray and painted this later at the B&B from memory and when I finally made it home.

There are numerous 'drop-ins' and office parties between now and next Wednesday as well as final exams and grades to post, so it'll be as busy as ever. I hope though to find that elusive butterfly we call time to spend a bit more of it in that 'zone' we love when we paint.


squawmama said...

WOW you are so talented... A lunch hour etching... and it turned out so wonderful... Yes it is a bust time of the year...but we always wrap it up nicely... Have a great day


Joan said...

Lin - Isn't it wonderful to have something that relaxes you in the middle of a day like yours? This is lovely...great job on the grasses. I can feel them swaying in the breeze.

Teri C said...

Good for you on your escape and wonderful painting.

Bonny said...

Isn't it wonderful to be able to escape the hectic madness that's everywhere at this time of year? You put your break to good use, too. Very nice sketch, Lin :)

Sioux said...

Love the grass, Lin! It seems to my you work to hard, gal!

Teresa said...

Oh, Lin, I remember this grass from our walk! It is indeed striped! You did a wonderful job painting this... you have a great eye for color and your choices of what to put in and what to leave out are spot on. I believe you could paint a patch of plain old concrete and make it look good! So proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Not only a lovely painting but a lovely description. I think the winter holidays should be stretched over the whole winter -- that way they wouldn't be so hectic and we could cast light upon the darkness until springtime arrives! Pace yourself as best you can.