Saturday, August 13, 2011

Exhibit Entry - West Point on the Eno

It took us three hours to hang 66 paintings and labels in the Photography Museum at West Point on the Eno. You can see just how tired I look! LOL

I got home, packed and finished last minute details to head to New York for a family visit early this morning. I got to the airport by 6 am, wound up having my bags examined, and made it to my gate with 20 minutes to spare -- whew!

Airplane got to the runway ..... and sat ... and sat ... and sat. After 60 minutes, and a missed connection from Phily to NY, the pilot finally made the announcement that there was a mechanical problem with the plane .. and we slowly made our way back to the gate.

A full airplane qued up by the single ticket taker to try to find new connections. Exasperated folks grumpled and swore, some were patient, some sat with crying children, and I waited, at times more patient than others, but after 75 minutes, I finally made it to the front of the line.

Sadly, there was NOT ONE connection that could get me to my sister's surprise birthday party by 7 am tomorrow. Not one. Overbooked and canceled flights, stand-bys in cities that would have left me stranded, the plane I was to have taken was removed from service entirely as repairs were more extensive than thought - all made the decision for me -- and I canceled my attempts and sadly made my way back home.

It's taken a while to get over the disappointment. It's been almost a year since I saw my sisters and mom, and I was excited to get a few days with them on such a happy occasion. Apparently, this was not to be the time.

I still have some vacation time planned that I can get those pesky chores done, car part installed, a bit of rest. We'll see ... I haven't decided just what I'll do with the unexpected time to myself .. maybe save a day or two of vacation for another time.

Meantime, I'll now have a chance to enjoy the exhibit myself ... maybe even get a chance to paint a bit.

And maybe, next time, consider taking the train ...


Teri C said...

Oh dear, what a disappointment. And a nightmare at the airport. Take the time tomrest and, of course, paint.

Joan T said...

And I was just thinking as I started reading that you were going to NY and I was here...then I finished reading. Sorry about the cancellation and missing the party! How sad! Love the way your exhibit looks. Why is your elbow wrapped???

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Thank GOD the pilot noticed the problem while you were still on the ground... and everyone is alive and well... angry, frustrated... yes... but alive... I HATE flying... if I can't get there by car train or boat, I'm not going.

Elizabeth Smith said...

Oh Lin, what a roller-coaster! First the thrill (and hard work) of hanging an exhibit (66 paintings - WOW), then enduring airport challenges only to find out your plans were not to be. I think I would have been in tears! I'm with Capt. Elaine, though, if the plane had that many problems, things could have been far worse...It's a good thing that artists are so adaptable - big hugs to you.

Katiejane said...

Oh how disappointing, but on the other hand, at least you are still here to tell of it. I shudder to think what may have happened if the plane had taken off. I hope you can arrange another trip soon.