Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Marsh Finds

Marsh Finds  by linfrye
Marsh Finds , a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

This is a painting from the sound (marsh) side of North Carolina's Crystal Coast BEFORE Hurricane Irene. I spotted a small boat abandoned in the grasses and wanted to add it to another painting of the marshes I love.

Unfortunately after Irene, there are LOTS of abandoned boats in all kinds of odd places--people's yards, on the roads, on the dunes, and yes, also in the marsh grasses. Clean up continues throughout the eastcoast - and my sisters are still without electricity. Storm damage is being accessed from North Carolina through Canada ...

We had another storm last night - rain, thunder, lightning, winds and in some places hail ... We weathered, fortunately, this storm as well - but oh my, what a rocky night!

We're down to two days remaining in the orchard competition....!!!


Thank you always for your kindest remarks, invitations, and voting support!


Joan said...

Lovely!!! It looks so much like spots on LI!

We leave for home on Thursday. Ciao!

Teri C said...

So peaceful and beautiful!

Lorraine said...

Such a nice respite from seeing the storm damage from Helen. I am saddened by all of it but especially my beloved home state of Vermont. I guess it's nature's way of teaching us that nothing is forever and we should make the most of every day.

Love the colors and the serenity and the little white boat almost hidden in the marsh!

We are in the mid 80's heading into the 90's again. Fall looks so good right now!!