Saturday, January 05, 2013


CATTAILS IN THE SNOW, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

10" x 13" Arches Watercolor
Arches 140#CP

Gray skies, cold weather, landscapes slumbering, I feel the need to hibernate. When days are like the past week - rainy, cold - dim --- nothing feels better than cozying in and creating. It's part of the cycle, I believe, to restore and recharge dull, used batteries. So while the temperatures and light signal this time for contemplation and restoration, I take advantage of it, for here in the south with our weather changing, we'll be sunshiney and warm in a matter of days. For me, oddly enough, when El Sol brightens the earth and the air is warm - I am literally pulled from my cozy nest and encouraged (??? forced/pulled/motivated ??? ) to be outdoors or dashing around. All thoughts and feelings of rest completely evaporate.

Perhaps that's why snow plays such an important part in my painting and mental processes these days. It's such a rariety here that even the threat of a flurry closes schools, highways, and programs. Perhaps it's this need to slow down a bit, rest a bit more that drives the need for external conditions that 'force' a period of quiet that is not otherwise encouraged or allowed. Maybe.

But I also like the stuff, the way the softness of it covers all the sore spots, creates a bit of innocence and magic, and gives us that awesome 'hush' that whispers 'peace.'

Sure, it helps not to have to get out in it, travel, shovel or drive ... lol ... and I can sit by the window, warm and snuggly, and dream. But that too fuels the creative process and the spirit ... and I think, especially after the frenzy of the holidays, ALL of us could use a dose of it.

I hope your weekend is restive, peaceful, and has some time in it for refueling and restoring. It's time.


Janina B. said...

Wundervoll Lin. Die Farben sind sehr harmonisch. GrĂ¼sse Dich

Lorraine said...

What a calm, quiet, serene, restful view. It draws me in and reminds me of roadsides in Vermont when I was young and sitting in the back seat watching the world go by. Nothing stopped travel back then as the roads were almost always cleared 24/7.

I share your love of the look of snow and yes it does say peace and also "quiet" to me. I also love snow paintings which leads me to say that when I hung your new calendar on January 1st, that beautiful snow scene greeted me and now each time as I enter the kitchen my eyes are drawn to the freezer door (my eye level!) and I always stop and admire it. Such a gorgeous calendar this year Lin. Truly a work of art.

I feel the same way about getting out when it's sunny -- I want to get everything done while the roads are clear and the sun is making me more energetic!
Big hugs,

Teri Casper said...

Just beautiful Lin. Enjoy your snow...I have had enough of it this winter to last me the rest of my life. lol

Joan T said...

Oh, I love the snowy white against the grasses. This is really lovely!

After several bitterly cold days we have been treated today and yesterday to mild temps. I attempted to sit outside yesterday to paint, but the wind was blowing my hair in my face and the paper off my I resorted to painting from the car. The sun did feel good!!! They are predicting even warmer temps as the week goes on. Enjoy!!! Before we know it there will be snow here.

cindyzlogic said...

A gorgeous lovely, Lin!!