Sunday, September 24, 2006

Anniversary Weekend

wooden rocken bouldin house

emerywood restaurant high point

We left Friday for our anniversay weekend in High Point, NC. We stayed at the Bouldin House Bed and Breakfast in Archdale (on the outskirts of High Point). The lovely, two-story home was filled with antiques and a wide, wrap-around porch. After our arrival, Charles and I sat on the porch with bottles of cold water -- he played the mandolin and I sketched the unusual wooden rocker.

After relaxing a bit, we drove into High Point for a casual dinner at Emorywood Restaurant... great gourmet food in a relaxed atmosphere. We had wonderful rosemary Italian bread and shared a blue cheeze stuffed tenderloin that melted in our mouths! I didn't have too much time to sketch here, but managed to capture a bit of the table and the lime green brick wall we faced! The food was delicious!!

Feeling very FULL and lacking anywhere else to go, we decided to find a mall so we could get in a bit of walking -- found one and did four laps upstairs and downstairs to make up for all the rich food!

Then got to the B&B to collapse in a wonderfully comfortable bed I needed a stepstool to climb in!


melissa w said...

Divinity. The the no the SLEEP. I envy you on so many levels. Great memories.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a place to truly relax -- and
yes I know about those beds you need a
step-stool to get into!!

Love the rocker -- it looks like one of
those handmade twig ones. Great sketch.

Happy Anniversary!

Karen said...

It sounds like an absolutely wonderful anniversary celebration. How great for you both!

Hashi said...

Such an unusual chair ... very nicely rendered. Glad you had a great time.