Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fall Flowers at Rebeccas

fall flowers rebecca
Originally uploaded by linfrye.
I got to the B&B last night after a really good workout! As I sat in the kitchen chatting to her, the reddish globe amaranth and misty purple ageratums in the vase just called to me.

Somehow, these colors, the cooling temperatures and the earlier nightfall are reminding me that fall is really here.


SCquiltaddict said...

Nice job..was just fingering the red maple tree thinking that it was turning colors and would be lovely to draw them...definitely fall in the air today!

Jana Bouc said...

You are such a master of capturing light in your paintings. I wished for a larger view...love the flowers and their variety of shape and color.

Tami said...

Yes, the signs are all showing! Excellent job with the clear glass in the vase. I am with Jana, would be nice ot view it larger.

Teri C said...

A beauty Lin!! You are becoming the master of flowers in vases!

kuriyama said...

It is lovely.
I like it.

Does a little inclining give birth to the emotion?

Desiree said...

nice painting, I also love your 9/11 post,we all were touched that day. I am looking forward to fall here. It is still too hot to think its fall but the tree leaves are starting to look tired, like they are ready to drop.

wagonized said...

Hi Lin! I am so behind... but i was curious to see what you had done for your body of water, and wow, Lin, it was beautiful, and impressive in its execution. I also love your series of baskets!

Penny said...

Lin I havent called in for a few days, I loved the baskets, perhaps if I had time I could make you one but dont hold me to it! Sept 11th, I left for America on the 18th on one of the first flights out, so I felt very much part of it all, especially as one of the women I met at the doll conference I was at had been in New York at the time and worked a few blocks away and used the subway exit under the twin towers an hour before.

Lorraine said...

Oh the colors are luscious and the vase
came out so well -- am hoping to learn how
to paint glass at Art of the Carolinas!