Friday, September 29, 2006

Pinova Apples

pinova apples
Originally uploaded by linfrye.
These special apples were purchased (along with Granny Smith apples) at the Apple Harvest Festival last week. As I write this, the hum of the dryer announces the 'season' as slices of both apples are dehydrating for winter treats.

I really LOVE the taste of this apple -- I never tasted one prior to the festival. It has a sweet/tart taste that is just crisp and perfect! I'll be on the lookout for more, but the grower from whom we bought these, said that this was a European tree and her small grove is young and hasn't produced that many apples as yet.

Meanwhile, the dried slices will be an even greater treat since they'll be not only uncommon, but hard to find!


Brenda Y said...

You are getting so good at painting, I don't know "what" or "where" to compliment. Everything is perfect. . .shape, color, LOVE the little bits of splatter!! Highlights are excellent--they just look real!
I've never heard of these apples either, I'll have to be on the lookout on the west coast.

Jana Bouc said...

I agree with Brenda--wonderful rendering of the apples. They look mouthwateringly good. Do I see a glimpse of a Moleskine here? How do you like it?

Renate said...

Gorgeous drawing! How are you drying the apple slices?

Kathleen Marie said...

Oh my, you have my mouth watering for some of these delights. The fall here in the south pales in comparison to my memories of New York apple seasons. Enjoy! Lovely sketch!!

Lorraine said...

New name to me too; Vermont has so many varieties, I can't remember them all and we are getting a few new ones in Ky these days.

What a glorious painting -- they look real enough to eat and the highlights are perfect. This one is a keeper -- one to be
framed dear friend. Wow. I'm amazed at how you have progressed as a painter -- just like everything you put your hand to dear friend.


Terri said...

Lin these are SO very good. You really do wonderful work these days. :o)