Friday, September 08, 2006


shelved pots
Originally uploaded by linfrye.
It seemed that commitments took most of yesterday and on through the evening, until it was after 9:30 pm before I had a moment to sketch.

I found a photo reference of these wonderful brown pots and loved the colors!

Done with pencil, W&N watercolor in Raffine sketchbook.


Rayna said...

Pots! Another serene drawing. I left a comment on your wonderful bridge over water sketch the other day but apparently it didn't take.
So restful and delicious.

Are you anywhere near Raleigh? I'll be there teaching in Nov. and would love to meet you. And I'll be in Atlanta and Brasstown, NC in Oct.

Teri C said...

Lin, you must have a huge collection of pots. I am loving all your pots, you portray them so beautifully.

Marilyn said...

The pots are lovely as are all the containers you have drawn.

Lorraine said...

Just lovely; really like the pots and also the backgrounds. Very nice job Lin.