Sunday, September 03, 2006

Soap Container

soap container
Originally uploaded by linfrye.
Another 'container' for Kate's Alumni Group Challenge.

We have the grands today and will have their parents too for dinner tomorrow, so it's a pretty busy time for me. I sketched this container this morning in between chores and added watercolor when I was much too tired! I tried to follow the 'less formal' watercolor marks as the original and the reflection on the table and cast shadow from the overhead light.

Each year a group of art friends from around the US who all met on the Internet head to Rhode Island for a few days of art-ing. While in Rhode Island, we always spend a full day on Federal Hill. This soap dispenser was purchased there. I keep it on my windowsill where it waits for us to repaint our kitchen a buff-yellow. It matches the blue we presently have on the walls .. but we just can't seem to find a few consequtive days to move furniture and paint!

It reminds me of the hills of Tuscany ...


Terri said...

Lin, I am amazed at how much you can accomplish even on an ordinary day and yet you can still find time to draw even when you have the grands visiting?! I had Grace here this morning and she just wants to be held at the moment (teething already) and so she sat on my knee and we looked at what "Aunty Lin" had been doing on her blog. :o) An early lesson in art appreciation. :o)

Teri C said...

uLin, what a beautiful job you did on this 'container'!! Love the bright colors and yes, it does look like Italy (now what else could it possibly look like! :)

Jana Bouc said...

Beautiful colors and fond memories, I'm sure. How great that you have a group that meets and paints annually. Also great you were able to squeeze in a little painting time. It's really nice!

Tami said...

This looks so pretty Lin! You are doing such a great job of drawing or painting everyday!

Lorraine said...

Oh I remember this well and you have
captured it beautifully. I remember
trying it and laughing so hard at my
results. Great job!

Felicity said...

Lovely colours, such a nice painting! I love unusual soap dispensers, this one looks like a real find!