Sunday, September 17, 2006

Vase with Grasses

grass vase
Originally uploaded by linfrye.
This large pottery vase is almost 30 years old. When I was living in Charleston, SC, my neighbors, Harry and Berl had a daughter learning to make pots. She graced me with this beauty and I immediately filled it with dried grasses from the maritime forest that grew on the Isle of Palms. The grasses are the SAME ones I picked from those woodlands and are still strong enough to hold onto their seeds!

The vase holds many memories for me -- the ownership of our first home, my children as toddlers, my botanical education, and an ecosystem that continues to be threatened with continual development of resorts, homes, businesses.

The vase sits in (yet another corner!!) of our guestroom.

(W&N watercolors and pencil in Raffine all-media sketchbook.)


Sioux said...

The painting is very ethereal. Beautiful.

Teri C said...

Beautiful and serene and full of memories---doesn't get any better than that Lin!

wagonized said...

Does it sit in a corner? I would be tempted to have it proudly sitting in the center of a big table. Your painting is beautiful, Lin. I love how its contents match its pattern so well.

Karen at Pen in Hand said...

Excellent palate and nice story, Lin.

Carole said...

Lin, I don't pop in very often, which means I can see how your sketches and paintings continue to get better and better. You really are living proof that practice pays off. This delicate picture is lovely - the detail, the shape, the subtle shadow - gorgeous.

Brenda Y said...

The vase is wonderful! But the dried grasses -- oh my! They are perfect! The colors and airy negative space really captures a fluid movement. This one really, really should be framed!

Laura said...

What an amazing sketch of a such a meaningful object. I love how you draw things you care about, Lin.

Jana Bouc said...

Oh this is really gorgeous. I so admire your ability to get sparkling glowing light in every painting. The grasses are just perfect too.

Terri said...

Love this Lin. Grasses are an easily overlooked beauty.

Lorraine said...

Oh it's so beautiful -- I love the neutral
colors and just imagine something that has
retained its seeds for that long. How did
I miss it when I was last there. Remind me
to look for it -- or I should recognize it
for sure from this gorgeous rendering.

Felicity said...

Beautiful - I love the neutral palette!