Saturday, November 11, 2006

Another Dash

Villa Tasca

Art in the Carolinas is one of those conferences, workshops, vendor sales events that is, though small, a TON of fun.

I arrived early at the conference and spent an hour or so in the vendor room -- TONS of great prices, demonstrations -- but I was good and kept my credit card in my pocket (for the most part!). Then I met my dear friend Lorraine after her morning class. Such a joy to see her after three years! We had a quick lunch and catch-up and then I dashed off to my own class with Betsy Stroud, and Lorraine did the vendor tour.

The class with Betsy was not what I had expected. The title "Mixed Media: Line and Watercolor" and even the description, implied, at least to my reading (oh be careful how you read into things, Lin!!) that I'd have a chance to see watercolor and ink used in some way .... well, not exactly. After demonstrating over an hour -- actually Betsy doing a painting with oil pastels, pencil, watercolor, stamps, etc. (at which time restless me decided to sketch as I watched -- a bit distractedly) I did my own sketch. I was very disappointed to spend more than 1/3 of the time allotted to the workshop simply WATCHING!

After the demo, we were set to 'play' with the materials -- most provided. I tried some Sennelier paints, which were rich and thick on hot press paper -- experimented with some Cretacolor Aquarellith grey pencil (yummy when used on wet) and some very hard, difficult to dissolve Aquamonolith pencils. Betsy's painting was very experimental -- playful -- abstract. I tried to do my 'usual' using these different materials. It didn't work out very well .. and so I finished my distractedly sketch image with my WN watercolors when I got home.

So workshop #1 was a bit disappointing for me. I hope today's will be more what I "THINK" it will be ... Meantime, I'll be working to set aside my expectations to simply enjoy the opportunities.

Lorraine and I have class tonight from 5:00-8:00pm so it'll be a late night. Today, we visit the Art Museum and Art Space -- two wonderful places to see more art -- and we have HOURS to chat and catch up -- and get in a sketch or two.

The image I sketched from is the hotel C and I stayed -- Villa Tasca -- in Caltagirone. I don't like how it came out -- so I'll probably attempt this one again.


Teri C said...

I love your use of color Lin, makes every scene so interesting.

Love hearing about your workshop (and I am so envious!) It sounds wonderful even with a disappoint.

Kay Cox said...

Oh Lin, this sounds like such fun even if the workshop wasn't all you expected. Nice work and trying new media is always fun even if the work isn't all you want it to be.

Tami said...

Nice pen and ind sketch, Lin. Workshop sounds interesting, sorry it didn't out to be what you expected.

Renate said...

That's a lovely sketch Lin. You are to hard to yourself.

Lorraine said...

How did I miss that sketch? It's wonderfully loose with the tree tops.

It was so good to see Lin -- three years just fell away like it was yesterday.

Whew; I thought the vendors a huge array but then this was my first experience.

My class with Betsy Stroud was Homage to the Box, Friday at 9:00 and while we didn't get any personal/individual help, and her format followed the one Lin took, I really liked the collage/abstract work and carving my first very very simple eraser but it was a lot of "just watching the demo." This seems to be her format.