Thursday, November 16, 2006

Loosening up - with Persimmons

persimmon hot press

One of my students brought me several persimmons that his family is growing on their fruit farm. Mercy, he knows how to butter up his advisor!! LOL

Anyway, when I got home last night, I tried to repeat my 'loosening up' paintings that Karlyn Holman demonstrated this weekend.

Here's my attempt on hotpress paper, 140#. I wet the paper (too much) -- sketched in the persimmons with watercolor pencils, then added watercolor. Let that dampen, then added more watercolor. Let it dry, then added details and more watercolor - wet on dry.


Lorraine said...

Very good try. I so admire that you are doing wet into wet in the watercolor journals -- good as the journals are -- I have to have 300 lb. to even dare try. The right amount of water still defeats me. And I hate to rework!!!

Kudos to you for practice and persistence.

Anonymous said...

I like the hot press one best. Wonderful colors, excellent highlights and shadows!! This is loose and yet has detail - very nice combination!!

Nel said...

Lin: Your watercolors are really taking off, wow! And happy birthday to you and your blog also. I really love the colors on all these latest watercolors, just beautiful. Both the persimmons are lovely. Loose fits you well, keep it up.