Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rooftop View

Rooftop View
Originally uploaded by linfrye.
Another view of the Italian countryside from Bonny.

Returning to work after a weekend of art and another busy schedule makes practicing new techniques a tad difficult. It looks like it'll be this weekend before I can return to some painting 'play.'

Meanwhile, my sketchbook and daily sketching following me into the wee hours. I used another image from Bonny's Italy travels for this view from a rooftop.


Jana Bouc said...

What a lovely and refreshing view to start my day. At first your site didn't refresh on my computer and I got worried that there wasn't a new painting but a simple click on the refresh button and there it was! Lovely as usual.

wagonized said...

Stunning again, Lin. These colors are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Lin, this view from the ramparts of the Fortress at San Marino looks even better in your painting than it does in the photo.

Anonymous said...

Lin, has anyone ever referred to you as the Energizer Bunny?
Terrific job on the distance perspective and a lovely limited palette!
PS Your switch to Beta worked,I had to login with my google.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful weekend and what a nice painting!!

Teri C said...

Another beauty Lin!! I feel like I am traveling to Italy with all these neat paintings.

Tami said...

This is beautiful Lin! Nice job on the lamp post; I have problems with small, clean, straight lines. Love the rooftops, too!

Casey said...

Another nice job! You certainly are productive.

Lorraine said...

Oh yes Lin is definitely the energizer bunny. Oh my, if you haven't seen her in action, she is a tiny powerhouse of energy.
She paints standing, sitting, between bites,
at every opportunity -- and her dedication shows.

I like this one Lin -- it looks like the mountains looked on our drive through Virginia when it was beginning to just get dark in the distance. Very well done.