Monday, November 27, 2006

Two approaches to Petunias

petunia loose 2 washes Looser Approach

petunias More structured approach

Busy catching up yesterday -- saw the grands, went to the gym, got myself ready to return to a very busy week at work.

I used a photo reference for these petunias and tried two approaches -- one, more structured with wet-in-wet washes, followed by more careful wet-in-dry detailing.

The second I couldn't get as loose as I was attempting. I used a wet-in-wet approach and had hoped for that loose flow I achieved earlier, but the color was not bright enough (too much water in the washes), and so I added a second wet-in-wet and then a bit of wet-in-dry detailing (but not as much).

I like them both, I think -- do YOU have a preference?


Lorraine said...

Well, you are going to think this is very strange but, while I like them both, my preference is the more structured one. This just sets me on my head since I am so into abstract right now. I think I like abstracts to not really look like anything and I like flowers to look like flowers, trees like trees, etc. I haven't made that switch in my brain to "loose" and that's probably why I'm having so much trouble with my attempts to paint impressionist paintings. Plus I think I like it best because it's something I tried and tried to do and can't get it and you have become very accomplished at the "realistic" approach. It's all personal preference!

Renate said...

Well, here is another opinion. I'm more for the looser approach. The colors are a little bit more glowing and the background looks more interesting for me.

Tami said...

I think I like the flowers in the looser approach but I really like the background in the structered approach. How's that for a mixed opinion? Love them both though.

Teri C said...

I love them both but especially the brighter colors in the loose one. I love your experiments you do. You are definitely getting loose :)

Anonymous said...

I like the looser one--it's got more color and more movement.
glad you're feelin' better!

Terri said...

I like them both too. Both have their if you could just combine the two. LOL.