Saturday, October 25, 2008

Boots and Babies Reunited!

Boots and Babies Reunited!
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It was as though they'd never been apart!

We brought Boots (mom) and her 5 kittens back together yesterday -- and was it ever joyful! But first -- they had to eat!!

Truly, the three weeks we had separated mom from her babies while her surgery healed, seemed like a minute after the six of them got together. After polishing off their breakfast, mom fell into her motherly role of cleaning the babies -- much to their chagrin -- and then the six of them romped, jumped, explored, chased, ran, hid and had a high old time. Watching how those kittens playfully grabbed at Boots, I'm glad we waited until her incision was totally healed before bringing them together -- their sharp claws and teeth, the way they used their paws on her (as on each other in play), would have opened her surgery to infection.

What I most enjoyed was the way Boots, good as she is, reassumed her parenting role and the kittens followed and obeyed her as she kept them from wandering off or getting into too much trouble.

Watching them is a belly-laughing time-- the antics of six distinct, playful personalities romping through the hedges and hiding under porch steps is enough to make one's day!

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Jona said...

Lovely family. Glad to hear Boots is alright and happy with her darlings.