Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Decor for Faculty Development

Daily Practice

Spent the day yesterday in faculty development classes. Our focus was how our personality styles affect how we teach ... interesting. I have taken these "Meyers-Briggs' type of tests before, so this one didn't hold any surprises .. but it's always fun to see how 'close' those 'predictors' come.

Our conference room tables were decorated for fall, and I was able to sketch a quick pumpkin resting its napkin before my hands were busy writing other things .... I painted it from memory and a few notes in the right hand corner after I got home. A quick, colorful practice.

I drove the 90 miles back home after the workshop since today we're taking a group of folks to both the Musuem of Life and Science and Sarah Duke Botanical Gardens, and both of those are a quick, easy drive from where I live. Being at home in the middle of the week is such a wonderful treat! I got to play with the kitties and see C! But it's hard to 'remember' that I'm not 'off from work' yet -- LOL

Temperatures today promise to be in the mid-70s to low 80s -- a perfect fall day for visiting the exhibits and gardens!


Felicity said...

I'm very impressed you painted this from memory!! (I have the memory of a goldfish so that's especially difficult!) Sounds very warm for autumn, it must be glorious!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Love the colors; the rounded contours; love fall; wish it would arrive. Still in the 80's here -- and miserable. Hopefully some rain tomorrow. So glad you got to see the kits. Hope Boots is doing better. Have a great time at the "visitations!"

squawmama said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture... I reslly love the warm fall colors and it is truley captured here in this painting...


Joan said...

Great colors in this!!!! It's nice that they provided you with sketching materials. lol

Teri C said...

What a great pumpkin! it has so much personality.

Sandy said...

Great pumpkin practice and you captured its personality!

Jona said...

These colors are fantastic!

I hope you enjoyed the visit at the Museum and the botanical gardens.