Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall Apples

Fall Apples
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Daily Practice

After all the vivid colors of fall, I thought I'd try a 'softer' approach to these apples. The State Fair had an incredible display of apples -- from pinker varieties, like this, to a purple that was as deep as eggplant .. so I thought I'd try a bit of 'soft' for a fall practice.

It's getting colder these days -- and I"m running the heat in the morning and a/c in the afternoons ... but it won't be long before our afternoons match our cold mornings!


Patti G. said...

ABSOLUTELY beautiful my friend! I want one! :0)
LOVE the colors and the background too!!!!!!!!!!

Joan said...

The color on these apples is super!!! Beautiful job!

Teresa said...

Lin, these are AWESOME!!!! Love the soft background that complements the apples so well. Super Job!

Teri C said...

So soft and beautiful Lin!!

Carol C said...

I love the background....and such subtle but beautiful color on the apples. I love this window into fall in your world!--Carol C.

Anonymous said...

Oh the color on the apples is just gorgeous. There are so many new varieties now and this one looks too good to eat. I love how you have them still on the branch!
And the color fits right in with fall foliage!

Linda said...

Lin - these are so beautiful! I just love the color and the very round shape of the apples.

Jona said...

This is awsome! Absolutely beautiful!!!