Thursday, October 09, 2008

Fall Marsh

Fall Marsh
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Daily Practice

I'm not entirely satisfied with the way this turned out, but considering all the medical distractions with Boots yesterday, I was grateful to practice at all!

Boots Update: I was warned that some animals respond to anesthesia with grogginess or by becoming hyper -- well, poor Boots --- poor ME --LOL Boots came home insanely HYPER! According to the vet, Boots must remain away from the kittens for at least 14 days so they don't open her sutures, stay in a climate-controlled room for at least 7, stay QUIET (LOLOL), and the first night, eat a light meal and rest, no exercise for 7 days. HA!

Poor babe looked all around for her kittens, cried continually, dashed from room to room, kept jumping off and on the bookcases (not easy to do), whined for more and more food, wants to go outdoors to potty instead of use the litter box, etc. etc. We comforted her as much as we could, but she was so uncomfortable and so confused. I confined her for a few hours to calm her down, which worked .. fed her small amounts of food every hour or so .. and eventually, she got quiet --- but cried all through the night. I mean A L L THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!! Sigh.

It's going to be a rough day as the anesthesia wears off. I have some pain meds for her and I go up and down the stairs to check on the kitties every little bit -- but getting out the door from Boots' area to the stairs is a real challenge -- that cat is FAST! And today -- I'm probably far more groggy than I wish she had been! LOL

Anyway, it's supposed to rain most of the day, so I'm hoping for a bit of rest for us all!

Thank you all so much for your kindest comments yesterday and good wishes for Boots....! We haven't quite figured out how to seep mom and babies apart with our insane working schedules ....I'm hoping for a brainstorm too! LOL


Teri C said...

Oh poor kitty. Animals crying just tears your heart out.

Beautiful painting!

Joan said...

Poor Boots!!!! Just try to keep her quiet.

I love the foreground grass colors!!! Lovely!

Anonymous said...

I wonder that you could concentrate at all. I know how it drives me crazy to hear them cry all the time and even more so knowing they are in misery. Keeping you in my thoughts. I love the way the painting looks like an early fall morning, still kinda misty but wearing off. Love the colors.

laureline said...

I'd cry, too, if someone separated me from my babies!! Oh, poor cat, poor you and Charles! Poor kittens! I know you'll be glad when the world returns to its normal, calmish state ;D.

Jona said...

It seems like you have full hands of work with mom Boots. Poor her, it looks like it was all too much in one time for her. But don't worry, Lin, everything will be alright. Some days and it will be over.

On your painting I especially like the transparency of the ground and the peacefulness of the place. Nice one.